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TM-U950 Epson Verifone M62UA The TM-U950 Printer - Replace - Refurbish - Exchange
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White or Charcoal
$169.00 Includes 6 month Warranty
$199.00 with one Year Warranty

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Brand New This is the best alternative to the TM-U950 for the following systems.
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Exchange Your old printer Tm-U950 for a refurbished one. ONLY $169.00 with 6 Month Warranty
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Purchase a spare so that you are never without a system printer!
ONLY $250 now!!

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Purchase a new thermal replacement printer.
Replaces the TM-U950

  Thermal Replacement Buy Now

The Exchange requires the return of your existing printer of the same color and model! If we do not receive your core (old) printer within 15 days we will assume you wish to keep it and will send an additional invoice for the core value. The core value has already been deducted from the Exchange price. (Core value is approximately $90.00) When you receive your printer, simply return your old one to us!!